The Maids

by Jean Genet

directed by Gigi Buffington

Set Design: Yu Shibagaki, Costume Design: Devon Painter, Lighting Design: Jayme Smith:, Sound Design: Toy Deiorio; Voice & Text: Eva Brenneman;

American Players Theatre, Spring Green, Wisconsin, through Oct. 5, 2017

shattering dramatic force

"Ana Cristina “Gigi” Buffington… understands the need to keep a tight rein on the proceedings, and her three actors give performances of a scalding yet controlled violence that is fearful and wonderful to behold." —Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal

brilliant reimagining

“…director Gigi Buffington’s brilliant reimagining of The Maids brings it resolutely into the world of 21st-century America. Without making significant changes to Bernard Frechtman’s commonly used translation, Buffington has transformed it into a harrowing dissection of the dynamics of race and class, and she’s done so without sacrificing any of the play’s otherworldly visceral power.... It’s a brave, essential production.”—Paul Kosidowski, Milwaukee Magazine

searing and riveting

“Director Gigi Buffington’s searing and rivetingAmerican Players Theatre production of his [Genet’s] play —in which the actors playing the titular characters are, like Buffington, Latina—honors the Genet who championed the dispossessed, while showing us a mirror reflecting the way we live now... Buffington’s production packs a particularly powerfulpunch…The maids don’t just project expected images of themselves as compliant and demure, as they would in any decent production of this play. In this production, they also voice that performance by speaking the conquerors’ language.”—Mike Fischer, MilwaukeeJournal Sentinel


“In director Gigi Buffington’s razor-sharp production of Jean Genet’s 1947 surreal drama, lines blur between who is who and what is real. “The Maids” runs at American Players Theatre through Oct. 5, and it aims in 90 heated minutes to set an audience on edge and keep them there...In her interpretation of the play, director Buffington connected to her own Brazilian heritage and the Latino culture of Pereyra, who is Argentinian, and San Miguel, a Texan with Mexican roots...Led by an all-female creative team…with its exploration of the intersections of class, race, power and privilege, “The Maids” has something to say, and the performances are exceptional for their sustained raw emotion.”—Lindsay Christians, Capitol Times

fever pitch

“Under the astute direction of Gigi Buffington, tensions and emotions begin at a fever pitch when the lights come up and only intensify, as the wild-eyed women are pushed to their breaking points…the production elements are all outstanding… By thrusting the play into a charged modern context where both race and class are flashpoints, we are reminded of the rage against injustice that has led to the riots in Ferguson and the Black Lives Matter movement.”—Gwendolyn Rice, The Isthmus


“Over the past couple of weeks… I keep running into people who told me they couldn’t get the play out of their minds and that it represented an almost life-changing theatrical experience.”—



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