Theater and Dance Reviews


The Belle of Amherst
"In a sterling incarnation of Emily Dickinson it's hard to imagine a better medium for the poetry than Gigi Buffington. Buffington dances while sitting still. Her body has wonderful expressive range- especially her face, and particularly her eyes Makes you forget it's a one-character play."
- Mikhail Horowitz, Woodstock Times

"Gigi Buffington provided a spectacular characterization, bringing the audience to it's feet for a prolonged, well earned standing ovation. A tour de force performance played with enormous sensitivity and finesse. A beautiful actress... There is star quality in this 'Belle'."
- James Shine, Kingston Freeman

"Ms Buffington's performance is like an operatic aria that is so exquisitely compelling, one wishes it would never end. Her flawless performance was more than letter- perfect; it was a visitation from the elusive Muse herself."
- Fernando Valdivia, Times Herald Record

  "Gigi Buffington gave a tour de force performance as the retiring poet, Emily Dickinson."
- Rebecca Daniels, Woodstock Times

The Illusion
"Given this wonderful cast, it seems scarcely creditable that one actor could upstage all the others, but Gigi Buffington did just that. Buffington was positively riveting."
- Poughkeepsie Journal

"Gigi Buffington as the broken speechless servant is poignant and breathes fire into the role of Geronte"
- Woodstock Times

Psyche's Waltz
"Gigi Buffington presents a Nassau that is sexy, tough, and has the capability to deal with an unforgiving world...a character that could be offensive but Buffington grabs on to Nassau and gives her respect."
- Woodstock Times


"Gigi Buffingtonís strong attack and vivid stage presence carry the day."
- Jennifer Dunning, New York Times

"The dancing in this work is of a high order . . . especially by Gigi Buffington. The exciting movement quality and virtuosic elements of the dancing of Gigi Buffington, bring the work to theatrical effectiveness."
- Ann Barzel, Lincoln Park Spectator

"The show is always interesting to watch, thanks in large party to the sleek sinewy dance movements devised by choreographer Gigi Buffington"
- Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune

"Gigi Buffington delivered a dance of war-torn love as impassioned as any I've ever seen. Compelling choreography . . . a bold experiment."
- Sid Smith, Chicago Tribune

"Gigi Buffington is an accomplished dancer/actress powerful choreography."
- Wynne Delacoma, Chicag Sun-Times

"Brilliant Staging. . ."
- Cerinda Survant, Chicago Reader